Dating Evolved  - Heart Centered  Connections 

What happens if we flip the old paradigm way of dating and relating into a more open hearted way that celebrates the present moment , learning to be and let go of always efforting ?  Chris and Kendra have combined forces to offer some new and interesting experiential workshops and services that explore these concepts. 

The word dating itself can be charged and not always in alignment with what is happening today in a technology focused world nor addresses the desires of our continued expansion and awakening. At B Love we are focused on providing events, playshops and coaching that cater to the community of humans being that are open to showing up in the heart and sharing the joy they feel with others.   

What is your opportunity?

To practice trust, law of attraction and divine timing in real time , while having a great time together. What if you let go of the old stories, past experiences and hurts that say "dating is hard, awkward, or frustrating and transform that into ease, flow and enjoyment?

It's here now! 
Our Silent Speed Dating Events are designed to help you do this, more easily, confidently and successfully. We teach you how to switch from the energy of being focused on outward searching, mental checklists, old fashion pickup artist manipulation , or the so called rules of dating, to being more present , using intuition, feel, reception and knowingness to be our initial guides. 

Really honoring the feminine aspects , reconnecting and rediscovering qualities inherent in us all.

And it is working!     

Check out the quote from the Daily Camera article below: 

Zeona McIntyre knew the man across the room was boyfriend material without exchanging a single word. She met him at one of Boulder's silent speed-dating events. But there's more going on than just that, event organizers say — both in the structure of the events and between daters. McIntyre, of Boulder, says that, for her, it ran deeper than attraction at first sight. It was his body language. 

"I remember seeing him dancing a little, swaying around, being in his body, being playful, and I was instantly attracted to that. I just knew from the beginning," she says.

Three months later, they're still dating.

Check out the preview video of the event by the Daily Camera 

From a recent event at Shine in Boulder. Grace Ballard seems to be the center of attention during a group dating exercise that includes Stephen Price, right. (Jeremy Papasso / Daily Camera)

 Maria Hassett, foreground, participates in an exercise to express non-verbally what she is feeling in her body , during a silent speed-dating event.  (Jeremy Papasso / Daily Camera)

It's getting even better, more fun, and Connected !

The Evolution continues as we are now expanding on our Silent Speed Dating Events with an offering called The B Love Evolved Dating Xperience. Attendees requested that we add more to help them grow  and fully explore the possibilities to connect, and learn, while aquiring new tips that could have a positive and sometimes magical effect on their journey of love and realtionship. 

So we have been busy developing practices and skills to coach you,  through experience , which is the best way to aquire new habits and awarenesses that help empower you to manifest your true hearts desires. 

What attendees are saying

Thanks, Chris!  It was fun!  Its great to know that there are safe and structured spaces out there for exploring contact and intimacy.  I felt really held, supported, and encouraged to relax into my own openness and vulnerability, which in and of itself is healing!  Thank you for the ways in which you really held the beauty in each person there. I especially loved our closing ritual, and left feeling full and met.  Thank you. 

One bit of feedback that I had was that it might be okay to let the silence hang a little longer in the group process.  Sometimes it takes us quiet ones a little longer to get our words out, and having a bit of unfilled space can be helpful.  We're not as uncomfortable in the silence as it may seem. 

I look forward to seeing your work unfold and take over the world!

All signs seem to indicate you helped me find the love of my life. Eternally appreciative for your brilliance in creation and willingness to create the sacred space for growth. Remarkable experience and great idea! Great job at defining and maintaining boundaries while pushing the envelop too. Feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in something like this and hope to see this grow with more opportunities in the future. Much love and blissful joy!!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was one of the funnest, most edge-pushing, heart-centered dating experiences I've ever had. I really can't say enough good things about it. My friend June and I were raving about it the rest of the night. It's AMAZING how much information is available with only nonverbal interactions. Even when I thought an occasional exercise was too silly for me, I STILL learned everything I needed about the other person. I had many moments of depth and playfulness, and it was easy to flow between them. There were many moments where I was just enjoying myself without worrying about anything, like dancing back-to-back with my eyes closed. I also felt like the nonverbal aspect gave me more of a chance to be myself, as I hold a lot of depth and I love being able to express that through silence and touch with another.  This is not even very useful feedback because I don't have any suggestions of things to change! It was great, and makes me wish all my dating could be done this way.  Thanks , it was great to experience you as facilitator and be a part of your wonderful co-creation. You are providing something so valuable! 

Thanks Chris! I really enjoyed it - my face hurt by the end from so much smiling and laughing. :) Well done my friend!! I can't make the next one as I have my son, but will definitely be back for another.

Just returned home from the Silent Speed Dating event. My heart is wide open and my face hurts from laughing.
Thank to everyone who was there.